Why Your Business Needs CRM

Managers of very small companies (not more than 10 employees) claim they don’t need CRM. In fact, they should have such an application but not only them. Also if you are a freelancer then it’s recommended you work with CRM.

Seems that many people still have in mind that CRM is either expensive ,hard to manage or requires a lot of computer’s resources.

In fact all of these assumptions are wrong. Today you should not install CRM on your machine , you can find many alternatives like free CRM or zoho CRM which offer ‘Software As A Service’ so all you need is one time registration, then with the provided credentials you can login and you have all your information available. You don’t have to buy special hardware as all your data is on a remote server. Crm for freelancers

You don’t have to worry about backup the database as this also being done by the service provider ,also prices of such services is affordable (from 0$-15$ for a month) depending on the package you select and of course if you are not satisfied you can easily export your data to a different similar service.

I should also mention that most of these CRM services are intuitive and simple enough to understand and in most of them you can find video presentations for each section (appear in their homepage) so you can follow these videos or read related material. If there are still difficulties , you can raise a question in one of their forums according to the topic.

People that only work with MS outlook or word can not share their letters, comments, thoughts and more.Also today more and more web applications can communicate with 3rd party online services like blogs and social networking so you can easily embed snippets of your comments in your CRM. This is of course not the only advantage.

In CRM you can have all your data organized in such a way that everything can be accessed easily.

Say you have a registered customer in your CRM system. You select the account name and see all general details then while drilling down you can see any other information related to this account incl. attached documents so it’s easy for you to access this data. In case that you have many accounts but don’t remember the name then you can search according other parameters like contact name , e-mail etc…

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