The Advantages of Working With a Local SEO

I personally had the idea that working with an overseas SEO had many benefits specially the low fees which are much lower than in the US however when I gave it a try and hired one SEO Specialist from India to help me with one of my projects and noticed the final results at the end of the month, i was so disappointed with the results but I was impressed with the hard working people who were behind the project.

They really worked so hard but they just drove unqualified traffic which didn’t lead to conversion.

One of the main reasons why I wasn’t so much convinced of outsourcing my projects was because I noticed that my project was being submitted to Indian directories and Indian social networking sites, in America we use sites like Digg, Twitter, yelp, Kudzu, Google local business or Yahoo.

We are used to working with high popularity tools and we know our local customers and our local business. Using Indian sites to boost your site popularity in America may have little or no relevance at all to boost the rank of your website. You may rank high in Google India but not in Google for US.

If you or your business is based in the US please be very careful while choosing your SEO specialist to work on your campaign a local SEO specialist in local SEO specialist your community may be well versed with local social networking sites such as Yelp which is highly popular in the West Coast whereas Kudzu which is more popular in some parts of the East Coast.

Those little details can mean the success or failure of any SEO or internet marketing campaign.

When using Google Analytics I found out that the project I was outsourcing was very popular among social networking Indian sites whereas my project was very unpopular in the US.

I found out that most of my visitors came from India which wasn’t exactly my target market.

Indian SEO specialists are very good at SEO for their market since they live in India and are very familiar with local social networking in India.

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