The Truth About Eve and the Day of the Lord

Eve has been blamed for all the evils that have beset mankind, and that may be the case. But identifying her as a woman is totally wrong. It is also an error of judgement that Adam is referred to as the first man and the beginning of humanity. Students of the bible and especially the Old Testament have failed to consider all of the information about the way God works and of the evil forces put in place to test spiritual people.

The arguments for the case are far stronger and more convincing than against it and they take everyone along with them. It’s like swimming against the tide to bring forward a different view unless one has knowledge that is not readily available to the court of general consensus.

Following my reincarnation and passage to a new life certain things were already known to me, such as the misguided principles of heaven and hell. There is nothing beyond the grave but a return to a body in a new life and everyone who ever lived is now back. That explains the enormous over-population we are experiencing. The reason for this is that we have arrived at the time of final judgment.

So what does it all mean? Simply put man has got it wrong. This is the day that the Lord has made Progress and the building of systems by which we function depended on construction of those principles that led us like puppets on a string to think better and to gain the power of reason and logic. Heaven and hell have been a major part of that because the first dragged people in with promises that far outweigh anything they can achieve on earth. The other locked the door behind them and forced their compliance to rules, discipline and the idea of a supreme God.

Back track 4,000 years to when the first humans are mentioned in the bible and we arrive at a point in time when the mind had developed enough that something extraordinary occurred. To explain what that was a vision was given to me of a line stretched out way into the distance. Suddenly from where I stood an enormous bright light suddenly arose and it arched over the line to the beginning of it. There in large capital letter was EVE. In the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING.

Along the line were many people and where it was noon they were reaching upwards to a man on a cross high above them. Here there was almost darkness with just enough light to make out the scene. The vision shows that the light is the Spirit and that at the beginning of the day it poured out over a group of people called Adam while it is Eve, the light of the evening.

This is verified in Genesis 1:17 where it states that on the sixth day God created male and female. Then the rest took place until the 8th day when Adam was formed of the dust of the earth. In Genesis 5:2 it clarifies that male and female were called Adam. The dust of the earth has been shown to me as being the multitude of people while the spiritual were taken from them and separated out. They received knowledge, power and rules to abide by. This was the start of the day of the Lord.

Those who received the Spirit at that time were written into the book of life (Revelation 10). To act against them there came 2 candle sticks, called the two witnesses and the two olive trees that have stood before God and the whole earth (Revelation 11:3ff). They had the power to shut off the Spirit’s power and to murder anyone who stood against them. They literally hid the real God and buried the truth.

They are the two beasts of Revelation. The first is Islam that rose to power through the son of Abram. Ismal was sent into the wilderness to become a great nation. He was an archer; that is a hunter and killer. He is the Assyrian of Isaiah 14:9ff. He is a metaphor of the evil of the world that has risen up to kill off the spiritual power and to stop the flow of the waters. Those who are spiritual, however, have fought against him and gone their own ways when it was possible.

During the course of the day they have died (many through shocking deaths) and have returned in new bodies to do it again. Six times they have come and gone but the seventh time they are ready to be harvested (Job 5:19). One of the first visions given to me was of the fields white ready to harvest and the commissions given to me started with the order to bring them in.

The order included tearing down the wall that separates the truth from the reality of the modern world. The two beasts have reigned and their time is up. The second beast is Constantine, shown to me in a vision, as being 666. He kept constant the things of the first beast while he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and invented Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:13-18). He put Mary, the name for the sun-star of Babylon, into it as the ‘Mother of God’.

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