Women – Empowerment of the Modern World

I consider her as my new friend and a big sister. She’s actually five years older than me but honestly, she looks like my age. I knew her since first year college because her younger brother is my friend and that connection, introduced us to each other. We first had a real and fun conversation when i asked her to allow me to promote her business for my Public Speaking class- Speech to Persuade. Eventually she agreed and that was the start of everything.

Ate Chum is the person I’m talking about. I admire her a lot not because we’re kind of close now but because for me, she’s the best example of a young empowered woman. A woman whose talent and creative thinking exudes the expectations of this fashionable and modern world. Her unique approach on things made her realized to put up a home based- business (for now) of personalized denim bags and other sorts you think that can be personalized. Literally, she’s the one who designs the beadworks, denim paints, embroidered names or initials and what may have you. Moreover, she does not limit her works to a very few options of designs but rather she extends to cater the taste of her costumers. That makes her unique in the first place. At first, you’ll be sceptic on her capability but once you see her hand-crafted works, you’ll definitely jump over the fences of satisfaction.

What’s so amazing and interesting about Ate Chum is that, she started her business on her own. Talking about financial matters, she took it from her savings and of course the added value of exemplary efforts, perseverance and a brilliant mind made her reach this far.

Ate Chum’s attitude towards her dreams and wants actually motivated her to be what she is right now. Determined enough to fulfill her interests and goals in life. I believe that this should be the attitude of every single woman. I remember she said, ” This is my hobby turned into business”, this statement enlightened me to make use of my talents and skills to be productive. I may not be as creative as her but there are still other avenues where i believe i am best and will be successful in the future. It’s just a matter of your own will to succeed. As a woman, the only shield that will protect you from a repressive society is your belief and optimism that you can do things on your own without being dependent to other people.

In this time of globalization, we, women are called to be competitive not only on a limited variety of options but on a wide spectrum of possibilities. Women internationally, may be outnumbered by men in terms of political and business participations but this does not mean that we’re not as good as them. Ate Chum just successfully remarks herself on the business sector of our community. There are numerous women who are making their names in the international arena i.e. Clinton, Rice, Jolie and Oprah to name a few. If we just fulfill our roles and responsibilities, then we’ll truly enjoy the spirit of productivity and equality.


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