Discus Fish Care – Tips That Will Make it Easy For You to Care For Your Fish

Many aquarists love these animals. They are graceful and do have personality once they are comfortable with you. They come in so many splendid colors too. And if you have good discus fish care techniques, you are considered an experienced fish-keeper. Not too many can boast about keeping discus fish alive.

They are one of the harder species to care for. Their pH has to be spot on. Their water quality has to be pristine or close to it 24/7. It is no wonder that they are so valued by others and priced so high at the shops. These beautiful shy schooling creatures are a delight to watch when they are happily and healthily swimming around their huge tank. These are not to be kept in small aquariums. https://discusguy.com/

If you are a new owner, then here are a few discus fish care tips for you.

Monitor Parameters Regularly

This cannot be emphasized enough. You need to do regular water checkups to keep these guys in top shape. The minute you notice that your pH is off, you will need to figure out what is wrong and address immediately. The same goes if you notice that your nitrate and nitrite levels are too high, or that you have ammonia present. Again, just to emphasize it, perform the checkup every week without fail!

Feed Quality Food

You cannot skimp with them in this regard. They need the best that you can buy. Live food is always the best if you can do that.

Give Them Shelter

They need to feel secure and that they have a safe place they can hide in if they feel threatened. If you provide a good one, they will reward you with vibrant colors.

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