How Premade Beat Samples Can Affect Your Music Producing and the Art of Beat Making

As you probably know, the art of making beats has exploded into new frontiers over the last few decades. The power of the internet has now made it possible to download beat samples and to almost instantly put together a complex jam which may have once required days or even weeks in the studio. The internet is full of every kind of premade and downloadable hip hop instrumentals, techno samples and rock drum patterns which make it possible for even the musically illiterate to cook up something fresh with nothing more than a sequencer and an internet connection. spam tools

So what impact is this new menu of options having on the music industry? Better yet, how is it going to affect your chances of blowing things up as a DJ or songwriter? This is something which many experienced producers who are concerned with preserving the purity of the art have mixed feelings about. However, surely you’re most concerned about how the sudden explosion of premade beat samples is going to impact you and your chances of getting your tunes in front of someone who can do something with them. spamming tools

When it comes to that, something worth remembering is that the introduction of new technologies is no match for raw talent and craftsmanship. For example, it’s impossible to replace the expertise of a true master like T-Pain and the individual styles that he creates using Garageband and Logic Studio. These are the same audio production tools which thousands of other artists have access to, but they are priceless in the hands of a true master. In fact, you may not know this, but T-Pain created one of his first hits “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” within just two hours using these kinds of tools. However, put that kind of tool, along with hundreds of premade beat samples, into the hands of an amateur and they could take years to create something half as good. php mailer

Or how about the master ivory shredding Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre and his command over the 88 Key Korg digital keyboards like the M50? Surely if he were around in the days of Beethoven and Bach, he would have had no problem keeping up with the masters. This is because it’s not the technology that makes or breaks the musician; it’s their command over the technology that makes all of the difference. This is the reason why many sites are available to assist emerging artists in becoming masters of the tools that are now available to them. SmartSerialMail

Access to these kinds of resource can give you a chance to get on the cutting edge of the songwriting world by mastering the tools which can help you to make the most of the beat samples and other resources available on the Internet today. An important thing to remember in regards to any kind of art, including music, is that the genius is in the details. No matter how many options for hip hop beats, techno samples, rock drum patterns and premade instrumental riffs there are available, the greatness will always lie within the subtle differences in how these gems are refined and polished. UNLIMITED SMTP

So when it comes to the power of true creative genius, the words of master guitarist Marty Friedman will always ring true: “You know, for a long time I just wanted to be a machine. Now I’m just glad to be a man.” Never forget that the true power of creative genius is in the man and in their ability to use the machines and even the droves of premade beat samples as their tools of the trade.

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