How Augmented Pixels Is Helping Real Estate

Tech gurus predict that of all the evolving technologies in 2015, augmented reality and virtual reality are the two trends that will rule the year. Though these trends have found many developers, but only few have come forth in the limelight. Augmented Pixels (AP) is one such name that has made a remarkable growth in this field since its inception. The company provides virtual and augmented reality solutions to its clients and has already bagged names like National Geographic and Jayman in its clientele.

However, it is not only big names that tell the tale of its success. Recently, AP has been seen in quite a few online tech journals for raising a fund of approximately $1 million. Webaventures The company claims that this funding will be used for commercialization of 3D virtual and augmented reality. The developed solutions will chiefly benefit architecture, entertainment and of course, real estate. However, among all sectors that the company serves, real estate is the one that have received clear-cut benefits from it.

AP and Real Estate

Augmented and virtual reality has become prevalent on almost all smart devices. With a large chunk of population using these devices, it has become mandatory for industries to make their online presence. For real estate, however, this proved to be quite a challenge. No matter how good the application looks, it cannot beat real-time information that customers require. With augmented reality, it has now become possible for real estate companies to give an almost-realistic view to their customers.

Helping them in their ventures is Augmented Pixels that has already come up with key applications like Intuit House. This AR platform basically serves as a catalog for property developers. Another similar application from AP called Propana Virtual Viewer provides clear previews of real estate properties to customers. These AR applications will not only help real estate companies with their marketing, but will also prove extremely useful in boosting their success metrics.

As big names like The Hive, Steltec Capital, Plug-and-Play and AVentures Capital sides with AP, creation of new technologies is now a sure thing. With this, the disruptive real estate market will surely get a lift. According to company officials, Augmented Reality products developed by AP can be used by the companies to give their customers more vivid visualizations. Furthermore, AP’s proprietary technology is compatible with almost all platforms including Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, which clearly indicates that companies using AP’s augmented and virtual reality applications will be able to reach out to more customers.

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