Niche Control Marketing – Spying on Your Competition

In the movie Wall Street, young upstart stock trader Bud Fox, Charlie Sheen, is asked by Gordon Gecko, Michael Douglas, what the most valuable commodity in the world is. Fox is silent and shrugs his shoulders. Gecko responds, “It’s information.” Information on your competitors is the commodity of kings; We will look at how to gain valuable information like this here.

That is certainly true in the world of stock trading, but it is just as true in affiliate marketing. One must keep track of what their competition is up to in order to stay a step ahead of them. In this article I will show you one powerful way to do that.

For my example I will use the ClickBank category of Marketing & Ads. What I did a few days ago was to go through the 20 top-listed products in that category and visit each of the publisher’s sites. I have products in that category of my own, so I was looking for buzz-words and phrases that caught my attention from my competitors. Here are some of these buzz-words and phrases that I found…

… accidentally discovered, insanely profitable, crush your competition, massive profits, unstoppable cash flow, Just imagine, you’ll be amazed, legally exploit, life-changing results, results are indisputable, brutal frustration, devastatingly effective, unstoppable income, watch your profits sky-rocket, sneaky tactics, unfair advantage, idiot-proof, income explosion, fill your pockets with cash, grab a piece of the pie, jealously guarded…

You get the idea. Actually, I found about 200 terms I liked, so what did I do? I sifted through them one-by-one and incorporated the most powerful buzz words into my own sites. Did I steal them? You bet I did. Oh, I never took more than a word or two from any give site, but I did get tons of ideas and I improved on them, recombined them, and juiced several of them up to create even more powerful phrases to use.

The point is that one must see what kind of power-words and phrases your competition is using to hook visitors into buying and learn from them. Your competitors are using those phrases for one simple reason–they work wickedly well. (By the way, I got the term “wickedly well” from one of my competitors pages and I incorporated it into my own pages as well.)

So keep an eye on your competition and learn from their good ideas. It costs you nothing but a little time and the rewards could be huge.

Mike McMillan has created over ninety informational products. These have included books, eBooks, videos, membership sites and advanced coaching programs. Mike has done dozens of radio and television author interviews including his feature interview on ABC World News.


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