Find Your Way Through Disco Hire

When someone talks about disco hire the thought that immediately comes to mind is of awful horror stories of cheesy music, bad DJ’s and parties that drag on forever. However, all that is a thing of the past. We’re a little more ambitious when planning our parties these days. Cheap booze, a few nibbles and bad tunes no longer cut the mustard. Organising a good party becomes a battle for supremacy between competing neighbours.

Getting one over the Joneses all begins with Disco hire. There can be a temptation to think that these are all the same: an out of the box DJ to spin music to your liking, but you’d be wrong. As the focal point of the party the DJ is probably the most important person in the room. We’ve all endure parties where the DJ went down like a lead balloon. It can be funny if you’re a guest – a source for endless jokes at the host’s expense – but if it’s your event and you’ve poured your heart and soul into proceedings then the fall out can feel nasty.

So shop around. You might want the DJ to audition and give you a taster. You can speak to friends to see who they’ve used. Even surf the internet. There are all sorts of user rated product sites out there for every business going and DJs are no different. Users rate their experience and share their thoughts, good and bad. It’ll show you who best to avoid and just as importantly the real stars lurking out there.

The next best thing to think about in your quest for disco hire is music. In fact this is the be all and end all. Check out what kinds of music will be available. If people make requests for obscure tracks, will the DJ be able to cope? If a DJ has a special love for a certain kind of music then that can be a real bonus. I can remember one glorious event with a DJ who refused to play anything except the Beatles. Good for some of us although I suspect there were a few Stones fans out there feeling let down.

Whatever you’re planning – whether it’s a corporate event, party, wedding or celebration – the same basic rules apply. You can find any number of ways to give your own special touch to the day, but all your efforts can go to waste if you forget to do the ground work in organising disco hire.

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