Telemarketing Loss Mitigation Leads – The More Effective Way of Lead Generation

It is very difficult for homeowners to give out information about their mortgage status especially when foreclosure is inevitable. This is not new to us. There are many factors which lead homeowners to foreclosure. Everybody have their own versions but what is important is that they still have hope.

Most of the homeowners seek help in the internet. Many lead generation websites offer help to homeowners via quote or a webpage especially made for them to fill up.

With the growing number of foreclosure in the US mainly in Florida and California, many call centers take advantage of their situation. Doing cold calls and asking series of questions are necessary for the qualification process.

In order to help homeowners they must first qualify with the requirements of the client, may it be an individual, broker or a loss mitigation company.

Qualifying with the clients requirements is the most important factor to call the prospect sales-ready. An appointment can be easily set between the two or by live transfer. Telemarketing is a traditional process but so powerful.

Its effectiveness cannot be compared with the new technologies. Interested prospects have are real people with real problems, and giving them emails and recorded messages I think is inappropriate.

They want to be heard by real people that can help them.

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