Online Shopping and Consumer Expectations Overview

Online Shopping totaled $142.5 billion in the U.S. in 2010, academictask that’s about 8% of retail products sold that year, by 2015 it’s been estimated that it could reach $279 billion. People are using the internet more and more to find and buy the products and services the want. As online purchases have increased minimum expectations have become standards for online shopping sites.

Security, full cost disclosure and privacy are the main concerns of online buyers. buycbdonline When a customer enters a website their assumption is that it is a legitimate site and that there are basic securities in place. However, when during their shopping experience unexpected things happen, mental flags go up in the shoppers mind and they’ll question the intent and integrity of the site. The consumer expectation is that the purchase will flow in a simple order and that they will, at some point, be asked for billing information. rumpletec When the flow is interrupted by pop-ups or redirects buyers become leery and may leave the site to find another and start the buying process again.

If the buying process goes as anticipated by the buyer the final steps are reached and the customer enters their personal billing information to complete the purchase. This last step is usually the submit or accept step, where the buyer accepts the terms of the purchase and submits their information. When there are unexpected charges like shipping, taxes or fees only revealed at this time the shopper feels mislead and cheated. They may continue with the purchase, betechsoul because of the time invested in the process so far, but they will probably not come back again.

There is implied privacy between the shopper and the retailer that information will not be resold or given to a third-party. After an online shopper makes a purchase they expect a confirmation email to appear in their in-box, but when that email is followed with others from unknown addresses shoppers will question the online shopping sites privacy policy.

Businesses that can demonstrate that these issues are being addressed have the best success at retaining online customers and finding new online shoppers. influenciveaffairs It is not by luck or some unique market niche that many small online websites are thriving on the internet, but by honest up front pricing and a stated and practiced privacy and security commitment to the customer that these websites are succeeding. With thousands of websites for every topic or product available online people will shop online through websites that meet their consumer expectations.


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