Network Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing: The Pros and Cons

Affiliate marketing is powerful if done right. sokosbeauty There is just something about getting checks in the mail each week from very little work that gets me excited. The key here is “very little work” and if you have been working hard to get that check from your affiliate company you may just have fallen into one of the following pitfalls, but first what is Affiliate Marketing and what makes it great?

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing in short is the marketing of goods or services someone else has created to get an affiliate check or “commission” by sending traffic to an affiliate link. Really the company pays you a portion of the money you help them make online. This is a great way to develop multiple streams of income or use someone else’s system to generate traffic or “expert” status in an area where you do not yet have influence.

Developing multiple streams of income from affiliate programs is rather easy. Many of the service you already use have an affiliate program anything from your website host to your email marketing system. With just a few links and an credits to the owners you can be making money off those utilities. You are already an expert on how to use them (great PR) so why not offer these product and services to the people who come in contact with your brand. They might not buy your product, but they could buy from a website through your link, so guess what? You still make money… Beautiful.

This might get you excited, I know I was, but affiliate marketing has its dangers and this article will be more focused on helping you avoid these pitfalls.

Becoming an AM Junkie

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing and this is especially important to remember with affiliate marketing. Too many links, websites, companies, sokopm programs, products, and services will make potential prospects distracted. We market in a world of short attention spans. Loading your own website with too many “ohhhhhh shinies” will certainly ruin your credibility and potentially lose you sales on what you are really marketing: You and your products/services.

Avoid this mistake by only promoting products at relevant times, and keeping the list of affiliate programs to a minimum. Make sure that you only promote “A” list products, even in your first stages. Why? Because your credibility is dependent on your word. You would not want to ruin your good name because of someone else’s terrible customer service or shady website.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Why would I put “tips” as a pitfall? sokobobbleheads Because many of the tips that affiliate marketing site give you to “make money” to put it plainly SUCK. I tried many times and failed using tips I found on affiliate marketing sites. This is mainly due to the fact that those tips are geared for one thing only: affiliate marketing. If you wanting to only be an affiliate marketer (by all means go at it) but if you are just looking for another income stream do not use the tips instead incorporate those sites within your current system.

Time Sucking Leaches

Marketing affiliate products and services can suck your time for very little overall return. They are great for side incomes but not for generating time-freedom cashflow. The average affiliate site only gives you 1-8% commission for each sale which means the time and energy required to market them is not worth. So again ask yourself,  “am I an affiliate marketer?” Also affiliate links are LONG and UGLY, masking them to look legitimate only takes more time away from what you are really wanting to achieve.

The Best Way to Use Affiliate Links

The best way to use affiliate links is to infuse them within your already set up system. Like getting someone into your sales funnel who might not be looking for a company to join but is needing a step-by-step guide on how to build their own business. They will not join your company but they will pick a program you introduced them to, and if it works they may come back looking for more of the resources you have used. This is also the reason why building up your influence as a leader is important.



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